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What it Sounds Like When You are Not Prepared for Voice Mail »

Here’s a great example of why you should be totally prepared for leaving a voice mail message.

Unconventional Ways of Getting Through »

Having been in my business for over 26 years now, and telesales a lot longer (I did start when I was 14–really) I have seen just about every conventional and offbeat way there is to get to buyers, ranging from the perfectly ethical to the downright sleazy.
Here are a few interesting tips from a new [...]

Angry Voicemail: This Guy Likely Did Not Get His Letter of Recommendation »

Here’s a site I found that asks viewers to upload their funny or weird voicemail messages. There are not a lot of messages there, but I heard a few amusing ones. This one was from a guy calling into his previous company looking for a letter of recommendation.
(WARNING: the profanity is prevalent)

A Quickly Returned Call Won the Business »

Speaking of the little things and returning phone calls, I had a little drain issue before I left Omaha a couple of weeks ago and had to call a plumber. It reminded of a great contrast in sales experiences I had two years ago with plumbers.
I arrived at my lake house I had at the [...]

A Tip for Your Voice Mail Greeting »

I have to chuckle every time I hear a voice mail or home answering machine greeting that says, “I’m unable to come to the phone right now…”, or “I can’t answer the phone right now.” Well duh, no kidding?
Reminds me of the  TV commercial with the poor little old lady sprawled out on the floor, [...]

Make an Impression With Your Voice Mail Greeting »

I’m not a big believer in getting too cute with your voice mail greetings, or giving an entire sales presentation. No one has time for that and it annoys callers. However, you do have a captive audience and an opportunity to make an impression. Here’s an excerpt from a brief article written by Brian [...]

The Three-Step Voice Mail Strategy »

One of the top challenges for most salespeople, if not THE biggest pain, is getting to decision makers, and more specifically, dealing with voice mail.
There are all kinds of systems, processes, techniques and tips on how to most effectively manage voice mail. Certainly you can find lots of them in the archives of my [...]

Don’t Use This Guy’s Voice Mail Technique »

This has been floating around the Internet for awhile, and I actually heard it on a morning radio show. It is hilarious, and almost unbelieveable, but supposedly it’s legit.
This guy, Dimitri, runs a site for picking up women. Judging by the voice mails he left for someone he wanted to hook up with, I’m assuming he does [...]