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What Do You Think About This Voice Message? »

Reality is usually better than anything I could make up. Here is a voice message received by one of my readers. (I bleeped out the sales rep’s phone number).
Perhaps this guy was tired, maybe having a bad day, and hopefully he doesn’t leave this type of message regularly.
Or maybe he does.
Take a listen.
Horrible Voice Message
What [...]

Sales Success is Similar to Liking Soccer, for Non-Fans of Soccer »

I’m really jazzed about the major sporting events going on this weekend. I’ll be attending the start of the NCAA men’s baseball College World Series here in Omaha, and closely following the U.S. Open golf tournament however and whenever I can.
What’s that…there’s another major sporting event going on? Oh yeah, that World Cup soccer thing.
Calm [...]

Voice Mail Message from a Scum Scam Artist »

As if using the phone in sales and prospecting wasn’t challenging enough on its own, we also have to deal with working in an environment where there are scumbag scam artists duping unsuspecting targets. The legitimate office supply dealers and document imaging companies that sell toner know what I mean, since that is a classic [...]

They Sell Barns By Phone »

I always laugh at someone’s comment when I hear them say, "You can’t sell that by phone." It’s ignorant.
Here’s yet another example of someone doing what others have said can’t be done: selling homes and barns by phone. Sand Creek Post and Beam last year made INC Magazines’s 2009 Top 500 List of fastest growing [...]

Dumb Questions: Not Doing Anything With the Answers »

First, the response to the free motivational quotes ebook has been enormous! That’s great, happy to provide the value. FREE is an interesting concept, and I do suggest you pick up Chris Andersen’s book. "Free: The Future of Radical Price," to see how the economics of giving things away works in today’s economy.
OK, my final [...]

Even Brief Voice Mails Can Be Bad »

Many times voice mails from sales reps are horrible because they are too long and go into a sales pitch. Here’s one that very brief, but nonetheless horrible. Thanks to Tim Freeze for sending it in. I have scrambled the audio of the guy’s name, company, and phone number.

Wow! That was painful. Here’s a resource [...]

Why Your Voice Mails are Ignored, and What to Do Instead »

Sales consultant Paul McCord asked me to contribute to his Sales and Sales Management Blog. This week he is focusing on telesales, so I sent him "Why Your Voice Mails are Ignored, and What to Do Instead." Check out my posting for some useful ideas, as well as the posts from other sale experts.

Avoid the Nuisance Call »

Think about those prospects that you just KNOW should be buying from you, but you’ve come up empty thinking of new ways to approach.
Or perhaps you have customers that buy from you now, and your job description says you need to call them every month or so, but you feel awkward saying, "Well, I was [...]

How to Create Interest in 10 Seconds or Less »

This has happened more often than I’d like: I’ll be in a training session working on opening statements with sales reps, and someone will say,
"This won’t work in my market. My prospects are busy people. They won’t listen to this fluff. They want something direct."
So then I’ll ask, "Ok, what do you say?"
"I’m Jay [...]

Voice Mail from an Upset Customer (This made me laugh out loud!) »

I laughed out loud when a reader sent this to me, and I still do each time I listen, and watch the animation that some creative person added. This customer is obviously upset, but has a surprise ending.  
(Warning: if you are offended by profanity, DO NOT play this!)