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What Are You Doing to Sell During the Holiday Season? Share, Enter to Win “Smart Calling” »

I’ve often preached about the importance of calling during the Holiday times and how it can be a real goldmine for you. I want to hear about what you are doing to drum up business this week and next. It doesn’t have to be a success story, just what action you are taking. [...]

The Simple Suggestion on Using Email »

I regularly get questions about how to use email effectively in sales/telesales. Some reps say they are doing it more these days than calling.
In general, here’s how I typically answer:
I’ve heard all the excuses about prospects being hard to reach, decision makers being busy and not taking sales calls, blah, blah, blah. Upon close [...]

The Ultimate Sales Tip »

The longer I’m in sales, the simpler it seems. 
I’m talking about the things we need to do in order to be successful. There are a number of fundamentals, that when followed, will help us help more people buy.
Today, my friend and colleague Jim Meisenheimer shares one of these fundamentals, that when taken to heart [...]

Cut Their Costs to Increase Your Sales »

An entire special section in the Wall Street Journal focused on businesses cutting costs.
A USA Today article discussed how more people are opting for credit cards that just don’t give airline or other travel points, both those that can cut mortgage payments, or reduce their monthly interest expenses.
And as you likely have experienced, buyers everywhere [...]

How to Sell the Higher-Priced Option »

I admit, I’m an eavesdropper.
On sales transactions mostly. When out shopping or browsing, I will position myself in the vicinity of a conversation between a salesperson and customer to listen to the transaction.
I know. I should really get a life. But it provides great sales lessons. Good and bad.
For example, at an electronics store, [...]

Avoid the Nuisance Call »

Think about those prospects that you just KNOW should be buying from you, but you’ve come up empty thinking of new ways to approach.
Or perhaps you have customers that buy from you now, and your job description says you need to call them every month or so, but you feel awkward saying, "Well, I was [...]

Sales Lessons from the Elton John/Billy Joel Concert »

Billy Joel and Elton John are two of the most popular, talented pianists/performers/entertainers of our time. I had the opportunity to see them perform together last night in Omaha. Amazing. 
They both sang together to begin the show, then each performed separately, finally finishing together again with their biggest hits. The place was electric.
However, in my [...]

Get a Headstart on the Economic Upswing »

The stock market has been steadily inching up over the past  few weeks. Economic indicators are showing signs of improvements. Economists who study such things are even  whispering that things are getting better. Even though some sales reps might doubt it, the worst is behind us.
And NOW is a great time to plan for the [...]

Another Credibility Statement That Got My Attention »

While doing a client seminar on the east coast, I heard  a radio commercial for a real estate mortgage broker. He said, 

“I have personally closed over one BILLION dollars  worth of mortgages over the past seven years. Do you want to trust your biggest purchase ever to someone with little experience?” 

A billion is a lot. That got my attention, [...]

How the iPhone Rep Built Credibility and Won a Bigger Sale »

I finally gave in and bought the iPhone. Wow,  what a cool device! It’s so much more than a phone.
While in the Apple store, had an interesting sales  experience with one of the reps. While looking at  the wall of accessories to perhaps add to the sale,  I asked the rep, whom I had perceived [...]