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Gratefulness Leads to GREAT-FULL-NESS »

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US, and I’m reprinting a very popular email Tip first shared last year at this time.
We’ll wander a bit from the typical sales tip, yet it will still contribute greatly to your success, and happiness, as well as that of others.
And it’s fitting that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, since that [...]

Do You THINK You Will Win? »

I’m a huge sports fan, sports nut actually.
Our local NCAA hockey team, nationally-ranked University of Nebraska-Omaha is preparing for its second-round of playoff games this week, after sweeping Bowling Green this past weekend, and ending the season on a roll, beating the number one team in the country, and several other highly-ranked teams. 
UNO started the [...]

Want a Dose of Motivation? »

I’m often asked who I like to follow for pure motivational and attitude information.

Well, there are so many I could publish a directory. One that is certainly in the top 1% is my friend and fellow mastermind group member, Dr. Alan Zimmerman, who’s an expert on personal peak performance. He has written the "12 Little-Known [...]

Attitude Tip from a Green Beret: “It’s only pain if you acknowledge it.” »

I have tremendous respect, admiration, and gratitude for our military personnel, both present, and veterans.
"60 Minutes" did a great piece on the Green Berets last Sunday, and if you have interest you can watch it at the CBS site.
In that piece, one of the Green Berets was accidentally shot [...]

Free Ebook With 250 Motivational Quotes and Posters »

If you are reading this, congrats, you obviously  made it through the most depressing day of the year without doing anything drastic. 
Yes, January 18 was the most depressing day, according to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British researcher from Cardiff University. 
Dr. Arnall, who studies such things (and does that make HIM feel better or worse about himself personally, just wondering) 
takes into account [...]

Overcoming Fear; How I Did It on the Golf Course »

Let’s take a look at situations where fear can be paralyzing and potentially cause you to not perform to your potential. Of course I’ll relate what I have to say to sales, but my personal example is about golf.
Last weekend I played in a Member-Guest golf tournament at a friend’s club. We did pretty well, [...]

An Attitude of a Champion »

I was at the US Open golf tournament in New York. A great atmosphere, and the course is as beautiful as it looks on TV, even when it was wet,  as we experienced.

I followed the finish on Monday on TV from my office,  and was rooting for both Phil Mickelson and David Duval,  who [...]

You’ll Never Graduate from this School »

It’s graduation season. Kids all over are finishing their high school and college education. For many, their formal learning has ended.
I still vividly recall my own college days. It seems like yesterday. Reading hundreds of pages weekly, doing papers, projects, speeches, investing many hours in the library doing research…pulling the occasional all-nighter to cram for an exam when  I got [...]

Are You Waiting For Change, or Are You Changing Yourself? »

As I’ve mentioned in my past couple of Tips and blog posts, it’s been quite a tornado of events for me over the past few weeks, but finally slowing down to a mild sprint.
Thanks again for the emails, cards, and calls. Again, it is humbling to realize how many people out [...]

Football Players I Admire For Non-Football Reasons »

Sorry for not posting more frequently during the holidays and beyond until now. I’m back in the frozen tundra of Nebraska now (a record low of -14 this morning) but since Christmas I had been in the desert, working on projects, planning, delivering a couple of teleseminars, partying, and watching lots of sports, both in [...]