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How Do You Handle it When a Company Has a No-Calls Policy? »

Here’s an email I received from a fellow reader:

What do you do when the notes on an account tell you that the prospect has a policy of "no calls"?
I manage a team of telesales reps and we’ve got several accounts that are "no calls."  We keep going back because we know they are using a [...]

Unconventional Ways of Getting Through »

Having been in my business for over 26 years now, and telesales a lot longer (I did start when I was 14–really) I have seen just about every conventional and offbeat way there is to get to buyers, ranging from the perfectly ethical to the downright sleazy.
Here are a few interesting tips from a new [...]

Are You Gutsy, or Wimpy »

I get a fair number of request from people who want me to promote or endorse their product or book. Most I turn down. Every once and a while I see something I’m comfortable putting my name and reputation behind.
Today is one of those times. Drew Laughlin contacted me a few months ago asking if [...]

The Fundamentals Work Every Time »

First, I can’t begin to express how overwhelmed I am with the thoughtfulness of you, my readers and customers, and I’ll put most of you in the category of "friends."
In response to my email and blog post below last week I had several hundred replies, many with your own story of how you have, or [...]