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Show Them the Money to Make More Of Your Own »

Today I’m talking about money. Both in my post below and right here.
The post below is also one of my contributions to a great sales book, “Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets.” It also contains the sales wisdom of 50 other leading experts. You get real-world street smart advice that is unconditionally guaranteed to help you sell [...]

My Take on Inside Sales, and Where it’s Going »

A few months ago I was introduced to a young, but rapidly-growing group, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. I was impressed. They are dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales.
If you are involved in inside sales, and I’m assuming you are using the phone in some way in sales since you [...]

Go Low-Tech, High-Touch for Major Impact »

In our age of being constantly electronically connected to our Blackberrys, iPhones, social media sites and more…let’s stop and revisit what really makes a memorable difference in sales, and all of life for that matter: the personal touch, and the little things that mean a lot.
One example that sticks out in my mind happened a [...]

Success Story from a Sales Pro »

I love to hear your success stories and specific techniques that work well for you. Here is one from a fellow reader
Last December I wrote a weekly email Tip titled “What to Do With an Immediate Brush Off.”
Brian Callaghan with Continental Web shared how he immediately used it:

Selling at Full Price When there is Resistance »

I was looking at a couple of pieces of office furniture from different dealers. One was more expensive than the other, but I liked it more, and the sales rep knew that.
After I hemmed and hawed awhile about hesitating because of the price, he said,
"Two years from now, after you have been enjoying this for [...]

Celebrity Apprentice Sales Lessons »

Of all the reality shows on TV, the one that actually has some value other than mindless entertainment is Celebrity Apprentice. I made a point to watch the premier last night, and saw a couple of very important sales lessons in action.
The teams of celebrities were divided, men versus women. Their task was to see [...]

They Sell Barns By Phone »

I always laugh at someone’s comment when I hear them say, "You can’t sell that by phone." It’s ignorant.
Here’s yet another example of someone doing what others have said can’t be done: selling homes and barns by phone. Sand Creek Post and Beam last year made INC Magazines’s 2009 Top 500 List of fastest growing [...]

Sell More With Silence »

I begin all of my sales training sessions by pointing out that the worst way to try to sell something is by TRYING TO SELL SOMETHING.
If you make it about you, that creates resistance since the prospect feels they are being sold, which is a sure path to resistance.
 My friend, Bob Burg, and John David [...]

Thomson Reuters National Sales Meeting Training »

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with several divisions of Thomson Reuters over the past 10 years. It’s a company that really "gets it" regarding how to manage and execute inside sales at the highest level. Last Friday I presented all day for reps from their Creative Solutions, PPC, and MyPay divisions. It [...]

Get Agreement on Two Levels To Sell More »

I was reminded the other day that in many sales situations there are two levels of agreement you must pass in order to get the sale:
1. agreement that they will take action on their need, problem, or situation. That are actually going to buy from SOMEONE, and,
2. agreement that you will be the [...]