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New Webinar: Know More! Cold Calling-How to Find and Use Information to Make Successful and Smart Prospecting Calls »

If on a sales or prospecting call, you have ever had a voice mail not returned, been screened out by an inquisitive gatekeeper, got shot down in the first 15 seconds, or did not stimulate rapt attention in your listener, you will learn how to avoid those problems in this NEW two-part webinar I did [...]

Complete Smart Calling Audio Training Program Just Released »

It’s here! The complete Smart Calling audio training course is finally completed.
This is the complete audio training program for making a Smart prospecting call–as opposed to a dumb cold call– based on my bestselling book.  
You get seven hours of audio in 20 learning modules, and an accompanying workbook to take you through the [...]

Just Announced: The Only Telesales College Training Workshop of the Spring/Summer »

We’ve just finalized the details! Join me in Chicago, April 27-28 for the only public Telesales College training workshop planned for the Spring/Summer. There’s a $100 off Early Registration Incentive until 2/22. See complete info, brochure, etc. here

Smart Calling Online Now Open! Go Sample it for FREE »

After about a year in development, we’re officially introducing Smart Calling Online, which is the largest collection of inside sales, telesales, and prospecting training resources available anywhere. All of the best material I’ve created over the past 5-10 years in one place…

-over 500 sales lessons in text form,
-60 [...]

Sales Compensation Calculator for Smaller Businesses »

I don’t get involved with most sales management issues since…well, I don’t know enough about them to be able to advise others. That’s why I frequently pass along resources when they appear to be worthwhile.
Since figuring sales compensation is such a sticky and convoluted exercise, and the perfect solution for all parties involved has yet [...]

A Book Review by “The Sales Hunter” »

A blog that’s on my reading list is by "The Sales Hunter," Mark Hunter. His most recent post is about a bad voice mail that is too typical of what is being left out there. And, Mark just informed me that he posted his review of "Smart Calling" last week… I was very pleased.

“Smart Calling” Wins Top Sales Book of 2010 »

At today’s Top Sales Awards Ceremony,  Smart Calling was named winner of Top Sales Book of 2010. There were 10 total book finalists in the running. Public voting, which comprised 50% of the final winning outcome began on 11/24.

Top 20 Sales Professionals on the Web »

Thanks to sales and lead guru Tom Blue who included us in his blog as one of the Top 20 Sales Professionals on the Web. I’m honored to be in such high-level company!

A New Sales Book You Need to Own: SNAP Selling »

I’m often asked what has changed the most about sales in the past 5-10-20 years. Well, of course technology has made many things in our lives easier, but also has made us busier, which does not necessarily mean more productive.
One of the toughest challenges you face right now is dealing with crazy-busy prospects. It’s tougher [...]

Why You Hate “Cold” Calling But Can Change: The Myths Exposed and Truths Revealed »

Most sales reps hate prospecting by phone. Part of the reason is that they believe some of the many myths that have been perpetuated over the years about “cold” calling.  Most of these are nonsense, and just plain wrong. Perhaps you’ve heard them:
Cold Call Myth: “It’s just a numbers game.”
Smart Calling™ Truth: It’s a quality [...]