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Art Makes a Phone Call Back to 1983–To Himself »

Last week I presented the keynote address at Inside Sales Boston-2010, an event put on by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. The topic was "People 1.0" and essentially focused on how sales is still a PEOPLE business, and we should use technology as a tool, instead of making us into one.
In my research, [...]

Want a Dose of Motivation? »

I’m often asked who I like to follow for pure motivational and attitude information.

Well, there are so many I could publish a directory. One that is certainly in the top 1% is my friend and fellow mastermind group member, Dr. Alan Zimmerman, who’s an expert on personal peak performance. He has written the "12 Little-Known [...]

Man Suing My KC Royals for Getting Hit in the Eye With a Wiener (insert your own punch line) »

This has nothing to do with sales. But I am so upset I had to share it with you.
At this time of the year I get really optimistic, since Spring Training is now starting for baseball teams, and everyone technically still has an equal chance. I will attend as many spring games as I can [...]

You’re Reading a Top 10 Sales Blog »

I just found out that we made the list of one of the Top 10 Sales Blogs, put together by S. Anthony Iannarino. He’s Chief Sales s Officer of SOLUTIONS Staffing, the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, and an Adjunct Faculty member at Capital University where he teaches Persuasive Marketing, Personal Selling, [...]

Have Your Own Prospecting Training Seminar, and Help Special Needs Kids »

First, I apologize for not updating here like I should. It has been a whirlwind of travel, doing workshops, and finally finishing my new book. The dust isn’t settled, but the wind has calmed to a mild roar.
So the World Series will be over tonight or tomorrow, but I will continue to have baseball on [...]

My Unbreakable Rules of Sales »

In life we all have personal policies, beliefs, guidelines, and values that drive our thoughts and actions. We might bend or rationalize those from time-to-time.
But then there are those iron-clad, set-in-stone rules that you just don’t compromise. And we have them in all of the various roles we play.
As a baseball and softball third base [...]

More Not-to-Do’s From the Airlines »

Speaking of the airlines, if you’ve flown anything other than Southwest lately you probably have been nickel-and- dimed (or $5 and $25’d) by the extra fees for checking bags, bad snacks, and more.
United expects to rake in more than $1 BILLION this year alone from these fees. Two airlines are even adding a “fee [...]

Learning From the Airlines–What NOT to Do »

On the way back from the US Open golf tournament, my three buddies and I needed to get our seat assignments at the airport gate.
It was a little commuter jet on Delta, which I don’t have status on, so they were not offering complimentary First Class. But they did advertise on the video board [...]

The Banal Brazenness of Telescammers »

One challenge we face in using the phone as part of our sales process (or as the main method of communication) is overcoming the neagtive perception by many people of sales reps using the phone. This negativity is perpetuated and reinforced every time they receive a call from a "telescammer," as you’ll see below, or [...]

Follow-Up Article on Healthcare Advocacy From Wall Street Journal »

The Wall Street Journal online edition posted a great article, along the lines of my posting below about asking direct and tough questions of doctors and other health care providers. See it at
Thanks to Mike Lammers, of IT company Tricension, a friend and fellow cook on the barbecue circuit for sending this along.