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Smarten Up Your Prospecting Calls With “Social Engineering” »

One reason that most "cold" calls fail and result in rejection is that sales reps start their pitch the same way to everyone they speaking with, sounding like a talking junk mail piece.
A much better approach, one that stimulates interest, attention, and engagement, and the basis for the Smart Calling system, is to use personalized, [...]

Forget Doing Quotes. Create Personalized Proposals To Win More Sales »

I often see sales reps who are "quoting machines." At every opportunity they prepare price quotes for prospects, thinking that they have hot opportunities. Actually what they are doing is positioning themselves as a common vendor that is selling on price, and opening themselves up to getting into a game where the prospect will try [...]

Winners of Smart Calling Books »

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories in the post below. You were all entered into the drawing (along with those who didn’t follow instructions and posted at the Facebook page) and I drew the names of Tammy, and Carol Raynor. So, Tammy and Carol, please email me your shipping address and we’ll send the [...]

“Smart Calling” Wins Top Sales Book of 2010 »

At today’s Top Sales Awards Ceremony,  Smart Calling was named winner of Top Sales Book of 2010. There were 10 total book finalists in the running. Public voting, which comprised 50% of the final winning outcome began on 11/24.

Stealing Business From the Competition »

If you place prospecting calls (hopefully Smart Calls) you probably often hear, "I already buy from X-Company," or, "We’re happy with who we’re using."
I know, at this point you feel like saying,
"X Company! What a bunch of losers. How can you be so dumb?"
Almost as bad–and what many salespeople actually do–is data-dumping a pitch explaining [...]

“Why Won’t Anyone Return My !*#@$% Call?” »

Here’s an interesting article from the Software Advice blog, "Why Won’t Anyone Return My !*#@$% Call?",  pointing out the fact that many buyers do their research prior to speaking with sales reps, and are quite knowledgeable about products and services. As the author, Don Fornes, says, it’s wise to be well-represented in the places where [...]

When You Smart Call, You Never Need to Place Dumb Cold Calls Or be Rejected Again »

We’re now almost five months into the launch of "Smart Calling-Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling," and well into our quest to eliminate "cold" calling for professional sales reps. For those who might not be fully aware, let’s look at what Smart Calling is, and why it is, well, smart.
First, say the words, [...]

There’s No Such Thing as a Wrong Number »

Here’s a good article from INC magazine about David Rosen, a sales rep who "gets it" regarding prospecting. In the article, they refer to it as "cold calling," but he really exemplifies Smart Calling, which is, well, the smart way to do it.

A Case Study of a Dumb Cold Call »

Hard to believe a salesperson could make so many mistakes in a short period of time, using so few words.
But it happened. I’ll explain in detail.
I overheard Steve, my marketing guy, who also answers the phone in my office, talking to the caller:
"Well, that would be Art. I’ll transfer you."
He put the call on hold [...]

My Take on Inside Sales, and Where it’s Going »

A few months ago I was introduced to a young, but rapidly-growing group, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. I was impressed. They are dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales.
If you are involved in inside sales, and I’m assuming you are using the phone in some way in sales since you [...]