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This Question is Great. And Horrible. It Just Depends »

“Can you help me?”
It’s a great technique.
It’s a horrible technique.
The difference is, with the right person, at the right time, it can be an extremely productive question. And that right person is anyone other than your decision maker.
With decision makers, asking that question at the beginning of a call–namely an initial call–creates resistance. [...]

Ask Buyers How They Want to Be Sold To »

While waiting out a flight delay at an airport bar, I struck up a conversation with a fellow stranded road warrior. The topic shifted to our work, and he asked me what I do.
I answered by asking him,
“Do you ever get any sales calls at your office? (He’s a manager in the corporate accounting division [...]

Begin 2012 By Getting the Easy Sales »

Did you go through an annual review recently?
They can be very profitable.
Oh, I’m talking about YOU doing an annual review  of your customer and prospect database, and then doing reviews with your customers and prospects.
That’s right. The first place to mine for gold is in the treasure you now possess.
Most people begin a new year [...]

This Is Certain to Cause Early Resistance »

A stranger approaches you on the street and asks for some money.
A person wielding a clipboard (or an IPad) jumps in front of you as you’re walking down the shopping mall and asks if you can take 10 minutes for a survey.
A woman at a bar is approached by a man she doesn’t know, who [...]

New Webinar: Know More! Cold Calling-How to Find and Use Information to Make Successful and Smart Prospecting Calls »

If on a sales or prospecting call, you have ever had a voice mail not returned, been screened out by an inquisitive gatekeeper, got shot down in the first 15 seconds, or did not stimulate rapt attention in your listener, you will learn how to avoid those problems in this NEW two-part webinar I did [...]

A Horrible Prospecting Email–This is Selling? »

For those salespeople and managers out there who whine about how hard it is to actually talk to people, and that they are contacting so many more people by email because its more effective, here’s something to chew on.
Here’s an example of what likely is being sent by “salespeople” perhaps hundreds [...]

The Ridiculousness of the “Numbers Game” Mentality »

The NFL lockout is over, and camps are opening up, practices are in full swing.. I can almost guarantee not one coach is saying this to his quarterback.

Coach: "OK I need you to go out there and throw the long bomb on every play. Every time you take a snap, just toss it as far [...]

When is the Best Time to Prospect? »

Lots has been written over the years about the best time to prospect, which days, hours, etc. As I say in so many words in Smart Calling, much of that I look at as crap, since I believe there is no way you can generalize the best times to reach decision makers, since there are [...]

The Wall Street Journal Printed This On Getting to Decision Makers? Really? »

First, let me go on the record with this: I love the Wall Street Journal. I’ve been a subscriber for years to both the print and online versions, and when I don’t get to them daily I stack them up and do a marathon reading session when I have time. It’s the best paper being [...]

Complete Smart Calling Audio Training Program Just Released »

It’s here! The complete Smart Calling audio training course is finally completed.
This is the complete audio training program for making a Smart prospecting call–as opposed to a dumb cold call– based on my bestselling book.  
You get seven hours of audio in 20 learning modules, and an accompanying workbook to take you through the [...]