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How to Sell the Higher-Priced Option »

I admit, I’m an eavesdropper.
On sales transactions mostly. When out shopping or browsing, I will position myself in the vicinity of a conversation between a salesperson and customer to listen to the transaction.
I know. I should really get a life. But it provides great sales lessons. Good and bad.
For example, at an electronics store, [...]

Learning From the Airlines–What NOT to Do »

On the way back from the US Open golf tournament, my three buddies and I needed to get our seat assignments at the airport gate.
It was a little commuter jet on Delta, which I don’t have status on, so they were not offering complimentary First Class. But they did advertise on the video board [...]

An Audio Interview on Dealing With Price Issues »

Clayton Shold, who runs the great site interviewed me about handle the price issue on sales call. Listen to that podcast below.


Another Credibility Statement That Got My Attention »

While doing a client seminar on the east coast, I heard  a radio commercial for a real estate mortgage broker. He said, 

“I have personally closed over one BILLION dollars  worth of mortgages over the past seven years. Do you want to trust your biggest purchase ever to someone with little experience?” 

A billion is a lot. That got my attention, [...]

I’d Listen to This Opening Benefit Statement for Sure »

I often talk about the ultimate benefits or results you offer, and how those are the reasons why people are interested in speaking with you, and buying.
Received a call from a guy selling high-end corporate tour packages to the Masters golf tournament. He said his lead generators target business executives and owners. They normally [...]

How the iPhone Rep Built Credibility and Won a Bigger Sale »

I finally gave in and bought the iPhone. Wow,  what a cool device! It’s so much more than a phone.
While in the Apple store, had an interesting sales  experience with one of the reps. While looking at  the wall of accessories to perhaps add to the sale,  I asked the rep, whom I had perceived [...]

Sell at Your Full Price, Avoid Giving Away Profits »

As I mentioned last week, a workshop I presented at the National Speaker’s Association national convention was, "Selling at Full Fee: How to Ask for Your Price and Get It." It’s an age-old dilemma: salespeople dropping their price at the first sign of resistance, or request for a better price. And the ones who do [...]