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This Question is Great. And Horrible. It Just Depends »

“Can you help me?”
It’s a great technique.
It’s a horrible technique.
The difference is, with the right person, at the right time, it can be an extremely productive question. And that right person is anyone other than your decision maker.
With decision makers, asking that question at the beginning of a call–namely an initial call–creates resistance. [...]

Golden Hours: How the Best Sales Pros Find Time to Do It All »

Guest Post by Michael Boyette
Conventional wisdom may imply that a sales representative’s best opportunity to get in contact with

a prospect would be at 9 a.m.  It’s the beginning of the day, when other priorities such as meetings and work haven’t had the chance to pull their attention.  Similarly, you may suppose that between the times of 4 [...]

To Be a Better Salesperson, Don’t SOUND Like One »

Just wondering …… why in the world do some salespeople feel like they must sound like a salesperson when they get someone on the phone?
What is it about presenting … whether it be selling by phone or speaking before a group that causes some people to cinch up and sound like the synthesized voice [...]

You’ll Never Graduate From This School »

It’s graduation season, and odds are you know someone who is involved with a graduating student.
I was in Omaha over the weekend and drove by my alma mater, Creighton University, on the way to the airport. It seems like yesterday that I was still there attending classes. Reading hundreds of pages weekly, doing papers, projects, [...]

Three Google Web Search Secrets for Getting Insider Prospect and Customer Info »

A couple of years ago I noticed the book, "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling," by Sam Richter.
It wasn’t a sales tips or technique book, but rather the most comprehensive collection of web search ideas I’ve ever seen for getting information about people, companies, and industries.
I was blown away! At the time, I [...]

How to Break the Ice With Strangers »

Here’s a great guest post by Jeb Blount, Author of "People Buy You."
The secret to opening a conversation with a stranger is not what you say but rather what you ask.
Among the most difficult (and scariest) things to do in life is making small talk with total strangers. Yet in business we are forced to [...]

What WAS This Guy Thinking? »

While technology has helped us become smarter in many ways, it also allows people to do dumb things in many ways.
For example, salespeople sending out non-targeted messages, or just plain old ill-conceived emails and voice mails.
Here is an email I actually received.

Plan Your Calls Like You Do Your Weekend »

What are you doing this coming weekend?
You probably have some things planned. When I ask that question in training seminars, most people give very detailed answers: going out to dinner, working in the yard, going to kids’ games and practices…personally I’m doing a boys Spring Training baseball weekend.
We plan the stuff that’s important.
Contrast that with [...]

Responses to the Post on Names »

The post below actually was my emailed TelE-Sales Tip of the Week a couple of weeks ago. It certainly struck a chord with lots of people. Thought you might find some of them interesting, and a couple quite amusing!

Mistakes, Tips on Using Names »

Dale Carnegie said that the sweetest sound a person can hear is his own name.
True, for the most part–when used appropriately by the right person at the right time.
Conversely, in some cases, a person’s name can be a turn off.
At the Safeway grocery store I frequent in Scottsdale,the check-out personnel are apparently instructed to call [...]