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This Will Get You Rejected »

Many sales reps look at ads, direct mailing pieces, catalogs, the Internet, or anywhere there’s advertising as sources of prospects.
This is wise. But I find so many of these people ill-prepared for what they inevitably hear on calls.
Here’s an example of what I received.
Caller: “Hello, this is Bill Jones with Video Recorders. I [...]

How to Sell at the Top Levels »

 So who do you look for when trying to crack into new companies?
Do you start low, at the safe, comfortable, non-intimidating lower levels?
Or, do you aim high, starting at the top?
Many reps start low. And they stay there, perhaps getting lots of sales cycles started. And, as a result, getting many bogged down, stretched out, [...]

Sales Lessons to Learn From High Gas Prices »

So who isn’t bitching about the price of gas right now?
Probably the oil company executives.
I do have to give credit to Phillips 66 though. They have taken a commodity–gas–and figured out a way to differentiate their gas from everyone else.

In radio commercials running locally in Omaha they promote Phillips 66 gas as "hard working," implying, I [...]