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This Is Certain to Cause Early Resistance »

A stranger approaches you on the street and asks for some money.
A person wielding a clipboard (or an IPad) jumps in front of you as you’re walking down the shopping mall and asks if you can take 10 minutes for a survey.
A woman at a bar is approached by a man she doesn’t know, who [...]

Avoid This Lie In Your Opening »

I received this note on my Facebook Fan Page from Darrell Potie a while ago.
"Hey Art, maybe you could blog a little on using the phrase, ‘this is not a sales call’ when trying to set appointments. As a salesperson I think that’s dishonest- - you were always shooting for an opportunity. I prefer [...]

Here’s The Best Time to Call Prospects By Far »

I always laugh when I see the the "studies"or suggestions on "Best times to call" prospects.
In fact, I devote a page to it in my new book, "Smart Calling." (Have you reserved your copy yet? is selling it at a pre-release discount of just $14.93)
To summarize, my feeling is that if you are [...]

Avoid the Nuisance Call »

Think about those prospects that you just KNOW should be buying from you, but you’ve come up empty thinking of new ways to approach.
Or perhaps you have customers that buy from you now, and your job description says you need to call them every month or so, but you feel awkward saying, "Well, I was [...]

My Review of a Fellow Sales Rep’s Opening Statement »

I’ve reviewed quite a few opening statements over the years from attendees at my training workshops and teleseminars. In fact, you can get your opening reviewed by participating in the teleseminar with this Thursday, May 28, or next Wednesday, June 3.
Let me share one with you as a case study.

How to Create Interest in 10 Seconds or Less »

This has happened more often than I’d like: I’ll be in a training session working on opening statements with sales reps, and someone will say,
"This won’t work in my market. My prospects are busy people. They won’t listen to this fluff. They want something direct."
So then I’ll ask, "Ok, what do you say?"
"I’m Jay [...]

An Opening Statement Review »

Here’s an opening statement suggestion I read from a sales trainer in an online article. It’s no wonder so many people get beat up on the phone if they practice stuff like this that is from a supposed expert.

I’d Listen to This Opening Benefit Statement for Sure »

I often talk about the ultimate benefits or results you offer, and how those are the reasons why people are interested in speaking with you, and buying.
Received a call from a guy selling high-end corporate tour packages to the Masters golf tournament. He said his lead generators target business executives and owners. They normally [...]

The Fundamentals Work Every Time »

First, I can’t begin to express how overwhelmed I am with the thoughtfulness of you, my readers and customers, and I’ll put most of you in the category of "friends."
In response to my email and blog post below last week I had several hundred replies, many with your own story of how you have, or [...]

Avoiding the “How’s it going?” Call »

I bought a car here in Scottsdale about a month ago. Actually a Nissan Pathfinder. Needed something besides a two-seat convertible to haul people and things.
Right now dealers are verrrrry motivated to move vehicles off the lot. Especially SUV’s. As a result, the sales process was the typical, “What are you looking to pay?”, and [...]