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Reacting to Statements that Just Don’t Make Sense »

"Sounds like something we might look at, we’ll review it, then go from there." What? What was just said there? It was a Fuzzy Phrase, and how you react determines if you move them forward or, they stall you. See how to handle these in this video.

Selling at Full Price When there is Resistance »

I was looking at a couple of pieces of office furniture from different dealers. One was more expensive than the other, but I liked it more, and the sales rep knew that.
After I hemmed and hawed awhile about hesitating because of the price, he said,
"Two years from now, after you have been enjoying this for [...]

A Simple Way to Answer Objections »

The simplest techniques can be so effective.
I heard a call where a prospect voiced an objection, but seemed a bit shaky in his conviction regarding what he said. The sales rep responded, "What was that again?"
The prospect then hemmed and hawwed a bit, continued talking, and actually admitted that he probably could go with the [...]

What to Do With an Immediate Brush Off »

At a training seminar I was asked what to do with a prospect who blows you off the phone even before you can get your opening statement out of your mouth.
Should you just call back right away and act like you were disconnected, he asked.
Well, you could, but really, is that going to cause them [...]

An Audio Interview on Dealing With Price Issues »

Clayton Shold, who runs the great site interviewed me about handle the price issue on sales call. Listen to that podcast below.


How Do You Handle it When a Company Has a No-Calls Policy? »

Here’s an email I received from a fellow reader:

What do you do when the notes on an account tell you that the prospect has a policy of "no calls"?
I manage a team of telesales reps and we’ve got several accounts that are "no calls."  We keep going back because we know they are using a [...]

Responding to “I’m not interested.” »

So you make a prospecting call, deliver your opening, and their response is a quick,
"I’m not interested."
Or, "We don’t need that."
Or something similar.
What do you do?
Many reps say "Thankyouverymuch" and hang up.
Granted, this is not a position where you are going to have your greatest shot at success, percentage-wise. This is like a football team [...]

How To Handle A NO Just Like a Fourth-Grader »

 I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising dinner as part of a celebrity golf tournament for Arizona youth baseball. Got to meet a few Hall of Fame Major League baseball players…very cool.

Also spent a small fortune on a rare Roberto Clemente autographed baseball I won at the oral auction. Oh well, it was [...]

How to Position It When Your Price is Higher »

I found somewhat of an unconventional way to deal with a higher price in the book, “When the Other Guy’s Price is Lower,” by James Bleech and David Mutche.
When your price is higher, mention it early in a call or relationship: “Our product is one of the higher-priced in the market. Is that a [...]

Standing Firm When Stating Your Price »

I ran into a local Chinese restaurant at lunchtime to get a takeout order from the lunch menu.
I asked if soup came with the order.
The woman at the counter told me that they did not have soup to go with the lunch specials, just for dining in.
I really wanted some hot and [...]