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Angry Voicemail: This Guy Likely Did Not Get His Letter of Recommendation »

Here’s a site I found that asks viewers to upload their funny or weird voicemail messages. There are not a lot of messages there, but I heard a few amusing ones. This one was from a guy calling into his previous company looking for a letter of recommendation.
(WARNING: the profanity is prevalent)

Sales Horror Stories »

Thanks to Josh Margolis who sent along this link to another blog, where the writer, Susan Corcoran, shares her horrific experiences (along with one that is almost unbelieveable, and hilarious) with some sales people.  Check it out at

The Worst Telephone Sales Call I’ve Ever Received »

I love getting sales calls. The good ones I learn from. The bad ones, well, they become good material for my seminars, articles, and other training. And I record most of them. From time to time, I will post recordings of calls here.
Today I’m starting with the worst call I’ve ever received. I’ve played this [...]

Don’t Use This Guy’s Voice Mail Technique »

This has been floating around the Internet for awhile, and I actually heard it on a morning radio show. It is hilarious, and almost unbelieveable, but supposedly it’s legit.
This guy, Dimitri, runs a site for picking up women. Judging by the voice mails he left for someone he wanted to hook up with, I’m assuming he does [...]