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What Do You Think About This Voice Message? »

Reality is usually better than anything I could make up. Here is a voice message received by one of my readers. (I bleeped out the sales rep’s phone number).
Perhaps this guy was tired, maybe having a bad day, and hopefully he doesn’t leave this type of message regularly.
Or maybe he does.
Take a listen.
Horrible Voice Message
What [...]

Shocking Secret Techniques of Sales Superstars »

A number of readers asked me to reprint the email Tip that I had sent on April 1 last year. I had some fun with this one, as you will see when you read it. Don’t want to spoil it, but some people might not make it to the end, thinking I’m crazy, so I’ll [...]

Art Makes a Phone Call Back to 1983–To Himself »

Last week I presented the keynote address at Inside Sales Boston-2010, an event put on by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. The topic was "People 1.0" and essentially focused on how sales is still a PEOPLE business, and we should use technology as a tool, instead of making us into one.
In my research, [...]

What is Your Funniest or Most Embarrassing Phone Experience? Win a $300 Headset! »

Thanks for all of the great submissions to the contest. We have picked the finalists and the voting page is now up. Read the stories of the finalists and submit your vote!
Everyone has had those embarrassing or funny phone experiences we love to share. Here’s your opportunity to tell the world, and possibly win a [...]

Sales Myths and a Truth from the Movie, “Boiler Room” »

I’ve not yet seen the new movie, "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell," with Jeremy Piven as a hired gun who comes in to turn around failing used car dealers. The reviews I’ve seen call it a tremendous waste of time, and an embarrassment for Piven. (Which means I’ll probably like it.)
Seems like people always ask [...]

Even Brief Voice Mails Can Be Bad »

Many times voice mails from sales reps are horrible because they are too long and go into a sales pitch. Here’s one that very brief, but nonetheless horrible. Thanks to Tim Freeze for sending it in. I have scrambled the audio of the guy’s name, company, and phone number.

Wow! That was painful. Here’s a resource [...]

Man Who Threatens a Cold-Caller Ends Up In Jail »

First, let me say that the scum who run the bogus car warranty operation that you might have received a recorded sales message for probably deserve to be hung up by their, um privates. But here’s a guy that actually got so fed up he went a little wacko and now, is unfortunately paying the [...]

Jackass Use of Cell Phones in Public »

Like many others, I am both amused and annoyed by people who hold full-volume conversations on their cell phone in public, oblivious to everyone around them. Here’s an amusing piece in Wired .

Another Call Recording: I’m still not sure what this guy was selling »

I was rushing around last Friday trying to get out of the office so I could get to the airport. (Went to the Indy 500 by the way, awesome experience.) A call came in and the guy introduced himself to Steve here as "Bob with an IT company."
OK, perhaps it was a training prospect, so [...]

Voice Mail from an Upset Customer (This made me laugh out loud!) »

I laughed out loud when a reader sent this to me, and I still do each time I listen, and watch the animation that some creative person added. This customer is obviously upset, but has a surprise ending.  
(Warning: if you are offended by profanity, DO NOT play this!)