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Update and Zipps’ Response to Being Kicked Out of the Bar »

With any business, making mistakes with customers is inevitable. Every good customer service training program or expert will agree that the key to minimizing damage and maintaining customer goodwill is in the proactive steps the business takes to recover.
Here is an update to my situation, and some observations.
Todd Goldman, one of [...]

Kicked Out of a Bar Because I Didn’t Want My Burger Split. Really? »

(NOTE: I had originally sent this out to my email sales tips newsletter subscribers earlier today. The response has been overwhelming. I’m posting it here so those of you that want to comment and even share your own stories can do so. Enjoy!)
I wouldn’t fault you if you don’t believe what you’re about to read. [...]

A Mishandled $8000 Pizza Order Call »

I’m a self-taught cook, and probably own as many cookbooks as sales books. I watch the Food Network every chance I get. For a few years my barbeque cooking team traveled all over to competitions, and we even won a few championships. It’s tough to order at many restaurants, since I sometimes struggle to find [...]

This Was a Value-Added Call »

One of my vendors,, the company we use for voice mail service, told us on a customer service call that we could reduce the amount we are paying each month, AND get a higher level of service by switching to a new plan. THAT was a value-added call.
Some might question the intelligence of the [...]

Great Read for Those In Customer Service »

The flight attendant on my US Airways flight from Atlanta to Phoenix last week was exceptional. She appeared like she actually enjoyed her job and was happy to be serving us. She smiled and made eye contact, she regularly came by and asked if we needed anything (always a plus when getting the free drinks [...]

More Not-to-Do’s From the Airlines »

Speaking of the airlines, if you’ve flown anything other than Southwest lately you probably have been nickel-and- dimed (or $5 and $25’d) by the extra fees for checking bags, bad snacks, and more.
United expects to rake in more than $1 BILLION this year alone from these fees. Two airlines are even adding a “fee [...]

Little Things Often Mean Everything in Sales Relationships »

In response to my call, one of my vendors left an after-hours voice mail. He said he was on the road and picked up my message late, and would call back the next day, which he did. 
Nice touch. Sure, it seems small on the surface, but it’s the little things done consistently that build and keep relationships.  [...]

Why I Am a Maui Jim Sunglasses Customer for Life »

Do you have anyone you buy from, or anything you buy, about which you say you will buy it forever?
Do you have any customers who are so over-the-top thrilled with you that they will buy from you forever?
I had an experience that made me a "customer for life" of Maui Jim sunglasses.
First, one thing about [...]

An Amazing, Personalized Way to Stay in Touch »

Last month I shared a post, Little Things Mean Everything, where I shared the story of my paper carrier and the personal notes she left me that made a huge impact.
I always have advocated the use of cards and handwritten notes to stay in contact with, and thank your customers and prospects. Most people [...]

Little Things Mean Everything »

In this ever-increasingly high tech environment, with emails, texts, instant-messages, Twitters (still not sure exactly what that is) and people punching on and gazing at their cell phones every five minutes, I suggest that the higher TOUCH approach will have even greater impact.
I’m talking about the little things.
Like personal, handwritten notes.
A phone call to [...]