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The Easy Way to Get Bigger Sales »

A newer sales rep came into a company, in an industry he had never sold to before. Within two months he was kicking major butt and became the Number One rep. By a lot.
One disgruntled and jealous rep, in another region, who had been there for a few years, asked the manager what the new [...]

Ask for Action, Not Permission »

An article that originally appeared in the New York Times on October 15, 1997, titled "In War Against No-Shows, Restaurants Get Tougher," by William Grimes is especially relevant for us as salespeople. Here is an excerpt:
Gordon Sinclair, the owner of Gordon restaurant in Chicago, had an epiphany about 10 years ago when he began adding [...]

Get Agreement on Two Levels To Sell More »

I was reminded the other day that in many sales situations there are two levels of agreement you must pass in order to get the sale:
1. agreement that they will take action on their need, problem, or situation. That are actually going to buy from SOMEONE, and,
2. agreement that you will be the [...]

Sales Myths and a Truth from the Movie, “Boiler Room” »

I’ve not yet seen the new movie, "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell," with Jeremy Piven as a hired gun who comes in to turn around failing used car dealers. The reviews I’ve seen call it a tremendous waste of time, and an embarrassment for Piven. (Which means I’ll probably like it.)
Seems like people always ask [...]

A Quickly Returned Call Won the Business »

Speaking of the little things and returning phone calls, I had a little drain issue before I left Omaha a couple of weeks ago and had to call a plumber. It reminded of a great contrast in sales experiences I had two years ago with plumbers.
I arrived at my lake house I had at the [...]

My Mind Was In the Gutter, and He Got the Sale »

I needed my home gutters cleaned, so I went to the classified section of the paper and called four of the advertisers and told each that "I needed my gutters cleaned."

I did NOT say I was shopping, or looking for  the lowest price.
Each gave me their price, then was silent.
The first one who asked for [...]

Avoid This Annoying Starbucks Upselling Technique »

By 6 a.m. I had finished my morning workout at Lifetime Fitness (a wonderful facility, with every machine and amenity imaginable, except a golf course). I like to get my exercise out of the way very early—that  way I neither feel the pain, nor remember it, which is great for motivation.
As usual, I stopped at their Lifetime Cafe, where for a mere [...]

Differentiate Yourself Like This Mexican Beach Vendor »

I’m on location in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico, searching for sales ideas.
Well, that wasn’t the purpose for coming here, but, of course I’m always on the lookout for sales situations we can learn from.
As I’ve written several times before over the years, this is a great place to observe and participate [...]

How To Handle A NO Just Like a Fourth-Grader »

 I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising dinner as part of a celebrity golf tournament for Arizona youth baseball. Got to meet a few Hall of Fame Major League baseball players…very cool.

Also spent a small fortune on a rare Roberto Clemente autographed baseball I won at the oral auction. Oh well, it was [...]