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What Do You Think About This Voice Message? »

Reality is usually better than anything I could make up. Here is a voice message received by one of my readers. (I bleeped out the sales rep’s phone number).
Perhaps this guy was tired, maybe having a bad day, and hopefully he doesn’t leave this type of message regularly.
Or maybe he does.
Take a listen.
Horrible Voice Message
What [...]

New Recording of a Dumb Cold Call »

I just posted a new Dumb Call Recording…a "cold" call I actually received from someone selling training. She obviously didn’t know who I was or what we do. Listen in here.

Art Makes a Phone Call Back to 1983–To Himself »

Last week I presented the keynote address at Inside Sales Boston-2010, an event put on by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. The topic was "People 1.0" and essentially focused on how sales is still a PEOPLE business, and we should use technology as a tool, instead of making us into one.
In my research, [...]

Scammer Voice Mail, Part 2–They’re Using the Same Script »

A few weeks ago I shared a voice mail sent in by a fellow reader. It wasn’t bad, other than being a flat out lie, and probably a scam. Here’s another one, pretty much identical, from a female caller this time. And again, the person who received it had never, ever spoken with this company [...]

Voice Mail Message from a Scum Scam Artist »

As if using the phone in sales and prospecting wasn’t challenging enough on its own, we also have to deal with working in an environment where there are scumbag scam artists duping unsuspecting targets. The legitimate office supply dealers and document imaging companies that sell toner know what I mean, since that is a classic [...]

Even Brief Voice Mails Can Be Bad »

Many times voice mails from sales reps are horrible because they are too long and go into a sales pitch. Here’s one that very brief, but nonetheless horrible. Thanks to Tim Freeze for sending it in. I have scrambled the audio of the guy’s name, company, and phone number.

Wow! That was painful. Here’s a resource [...]

Another Call Recording: I’m still not sure what this guy was selling »

I was rushing around last Friday trying to get out of the office so I could get to the airport. (Went to the Indy 500 by the way, awesome experience.) A call came in and the guy introduced himself to Steve here as "Bob with an IT company."
OK, perhaps it was a training prospect, so [...]

A Recording of an Unprepared Caller »

Here’s a call I received from a guy who sells search engine optimization.  His model was apparently to call as many people as he can and give them the same pitch, without knowing anything about the companies or people he called, or their existing degree of sophistication regarding their web marketing.
While his opening statement [...]

Review of a Recorded Call: One Mistake Can Kill It »

For years in my printed publications and online newsletter one of the most popular features has been when I take calls I receive and point out the errors made. I guess it’s the same reason the early-season episodes of American Idol are so popular…people enjoy seeing others go through torture.
I like getting sales calls. In [...]

The Worst Telephone Sales Call I’ve Ever Received »

I love getting sales calls. The good ones I learn from. The bad ones, well, they become good material for my seminars, articles, and other training. And I record most of them. From time to time, I will post recordings of calls here.
Today I’m starting with the worst call I’ve ever received. I’ve played this [...]