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A Mishandled $8000 Pizza Order Call »

I’m a self-taught cook, and probably own as many cookbooks as sales books. I watch the Food Network every chance I get. For a few years my barbeque cooking team traveled all over to competitions, and we even won a few championships. It’s tough to order at many restaurants, since I sometimes struggle to find [...]

To Be a Better Salesperson, Don’t SOUND Like One »

Just wondering …… why in the world do some salespeople feel like they must sound like a salesperson when they get someone on the phone?
What is it about presenting … whether it be selling by phone or speaking before a group that causes some people to cinch up and sound like the synthesized voice [...]

A Horrible Prospecting Email–This is Selling? »

For those salespeople and managers out there who whine about how hard it is to actually talk to people, and that they are contacting so many more people by email because its more effective, here’s something to chew on.
Here’s an example of what likely is being sent by “salespeople” perhaps hundreds [...]

The Easy Way to Get Bigger Sales »

A newer sales rep came into a company, in an industry he had never sold to before. Within two months he was kicking major butt and became the Number One rep. By a lot.
One disgruntled and jealous rep, in another region, who had been there for a few years, asked the manager what the new [...]

You Can Fool Your Attitude Into Being Positive and Confident »

Debt crisis, stock market roller coastering, riots, wars… there’s lots of fodder for negative people to grab ahold of and wallow in. Add to that the fact that using the phone in sales can be one of the most morale-crushing tasks that anyone can perform–if you allow it to take you to that place.
We can’t [...]

The Ridiculousness of the “Numbers Game” Mentality »

The NFL lockout is over, and camps are opening up, practices are in full swing.. I can almost guarantee not one coach is saying this to his quarterback.

Coach: "OK I need you to go out there and throw the long bomb on every play. Every time you take a snap, just toss it as far [...]

When is the Best Time to Prospect? »

Lots has been written over the years about the best time to prospect, which days, hours, etc. As I say in so many words in Smart Calling, much of that I look at as crap, since I believe there is no way you can generalize the best times to reach decision makers, since there are [...]

The Wall Street Journal Printed This On Getting to Decision Makers? Really? »

First, let me go on the record with this: I love the Wall Street Journal. I’ve been a subscriber for years to both the print and online versions, and when I don’t get to them daily I stack them up and do a marathon reading session when I have time. It’s the best paper being [...]

How to Avoid Sounding Like a Babbling Fool »

I was on a sales call, talking with a sales manager at a high-tech firm that sold a highly specialized, niched product. Things were progressing smoothly, I seemed to have exactly what he was looking for regarding a telephone prospecting training workshop that he wanted, then he asked,
"Now, who else have you worked with that [...]

Listen for the “Problem-Trigger” Words »

Quiz time. Here’s a situation. Think of the very next thing to leave your mouth in response:
On a call with a prospect, someone who has contacted you after visiting your website says, "Our issue is that we need to_____."
And then let’s assume she mentions a problem that your product or service helps solve.
Ok. Did you [...]