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Be Like Warren Buffet: Turn Failures Into Opportunities and Eliminate Rejection »

At age 19, his application to Harvard Business School was rejected. He was devastated at the time.
However, exploring other options, he quickly regrouped and sent in a late application to Columbia, where two investment experts that he admired were teaching. He was accepted. There he learned the values and principles that guided his investing. [...]

If You Ever Lack Focus, this Might Help »

Last month I met with a group of other speaking and training professionals, just as we have been meeting several times per year, for 14 years now. It’s a mastermind group (if you’re not familiar with this term, I suggest researching it and perhaps finding or starting one, as it will likely change your life, [...]

250 Free Motivational Quotes for You »

If you are reading this, I’m guessing that you will make it through the most depressing day of the year without doing anything drastic.
You see, January 18 is the most depressing day, according to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British researcher from Cardiff University.
Dr. Arnall, who studies such things (and does that make HIM feel better [...]

Begin 2012 By Getting the Easy Sales »

Did you go through an annual review recently?
They can be very profitable.
Oh, I’m talking about YOU doing an annual review  of your customer and prospect database, and then doing reviews with your customers and prospects.
That’s right. The first place to mine for gold is in the treasure you now possess.
Most people begin a new year [...]

Update and Zipps’ Response to Being Kicked Out of the Bar »

With any business, making mistakes with customers is inevitable. Every good customer service training program or expert will agree that the key to minimizing damage and maintaining customer goodwill is in the proactive steps the business takes to recover.
Here is an update to my situation, and some observations.
Todd Goldman, one of [...]

Kicked Out of a Bar Because I Didn’t Want My Burger Split. Really? »

(NOTE: I had originally sent this out to my email sales tips newsletter subscribers earlier today. The response has been overwhelming. I’m posting it here so those of you that want to comment and even share your own stories can do so. Enjoy!)
I wouldn’t fault you if you don’t believe what you’re about to read. [...]

This Is Certain to Cause Early Resistance »

A stranger approaches you on the street and asks for some money.
A person wielding a clipboard (or an IPad) jumps in front of you as you’re walking down the shopping mall and asks if you can take 10 minutes for a survey.
A woman at a bar is approached by a man she doesn’t know, who [...]

Reacting to Statements that Just Don’t Make Sense »

"Sounds like something we might look at, we’ll review it, then go from there." What? What was just said there? It was a Fuzzy Phrase, and how you react determines if you move them forward or, they stall you. See how to handle these in this video.

The Quickest Way to Increase Sales »

Here’s a question I received the other day:
"What is the best, quickest way to increase sales by phone?"
At first glance I dismissed this as one of the many questions I often get from people who think there is a simple, easy answer to doing well in sales.
But after pondering this, there is a relatively simple [...]

New Webinar: Know More! Cold Calling-How to Find and Use Information to Make Successful and Smart Prospecting Calls »

If on a sales or prospecting call, you have ever had a voice mail not returned, been screened out by an inquisitive gatekeeper, got shot down in the first 15 seconds, or did not stimulate rapt attention in your listener, you will learn how to avoid those problems in this NEW two-part webinar I did [...]