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When is the Best Time to Prospect?

Lots has been written over the years about the best time to prospect, which days, hours, etc. As I say in so many words in Smart Calling, much of that I look at as crap, since I believe there is no way you can generalize the best times to reach decision makers, since there are so many variables involved. What I do know, is that if you aren’t calling, you have zero chance of reaching someone.

Here’s a video interview with Tibor Shanto, with Renbor, on his Pipeline blog. He has some interesting points about doing your prospecting in a methodical and systematic way so that it actually gets done. Well worth the view.

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  2. By Unicorn on Nov 22, 2011 | Reply

    That torture is ALL I do all day. I call and call and call to make appts. But it isn’t torture to me…I make it a game for myself. Call it business development, call it inside sales, call it leadgen…I call it being on my game. :-)

    the best time to call? Seems to me to be late and on Fridays…or on a start of a holiday weekened. The VPs/CEOs pick up their phones then and i get to talk live. But then I am in the software/hardware/cloud industry.

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